Economic H.264 IP Camera Application

Grain Media’s IP Camera SoC GM8136S/GM8135S embedded with an optimum ARM® CPU core and a comprehensive kind of peripheral controllers, targeted on the applications of consumer surveillance IP Camera, car DVR, and home monitoring system.

The video codec engine of GM8136S/GM8135S provides H.264 HP/MP/BL encoder; it delivers high-quality video performance with low-bandwidth requirement. The wide range of system peripheral elements, including video capture, display controller, encryption controller, serial I/F controllers, USB 2.0 OTG, and 10/100M Ethernet controller, enable GM8136S/GM8135S to support most of the surveillance applications of cost-effective products.

Supporting video output with wide range of resolutions, 10/100M Fast Ethernet connection, serial I/F sensor connection, high-quality WDR effect, and low power consumption, GM8136S/GM8135S can be adopted in IP camera, home monitoring and car DVR applications.



GM8136S / GM8135S SoC Block Diagram

Feature List

Embedded Processor • ARM® CPU core - 32-bit RISC, up to 600MHz
Memory Interface • GM8136S: SiP 1Gb DDR
• GM8135S: SiP 512Mb DDR
• Support SPI NOR/NAND flash boot
H.264 Codec • Support the high profile encoding
  - GM8136S: 720P@60fps
- GM8135S: 720P@45fps
Video Input • MIPI, Parallel, Sub-LVDS
  - YUV x 2 for 2-channel 720P
Video Capture • BT.656 input (up to 148.5 MHz)
• BT.1120 input (up to 148.5 MHz)
• Support 54MHz/108MHz and 72MHz/144MHz byte/frame interleave modes
Image Signal Processing • Temporal and spatial 3D-Denoise filtering
• Support Digital-WDR
• Support WDR sensor
• Support tone mapping
• Low lux sensitivity to ISO6400
• Embedded IVS engine
Display Interface • Built-in BT.1120 digital output
• Support composite/parallel up to FHD output
Peripherals Interface • 10/100M Ethernet MAC
• USB 2.0 OTG
• USB 1.1 Device
• SDIO x 2
• I²S
• I²C
Operating Voltage • Core: 1.1 V
• DDR: 1.5/1.8 V
• I/O: 3.3 V
Package • 128-pin EPADLQFP